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We are not looking to reinvent the wheel, but we are certainly using it to get around. Solutions By Air, Land, and Sea.

OL USA is a loyal group of transportation and logistics professionals with over 30+ years in the global shipping industry. In 10 years we have grown from four passionate entrepreneurs to a team that will be 200+ individuals across six continents by the end of 2021. Our founder’s reputation and honest communication to clients and staff in freight forwarding and NVOCC sales has allowed Oceanwide Logistics to attract, develop, and place industry experts in key global trade locations worldwide creating a company culture that promotes

Autonomy, Ownership, and Pride in its employees

What makes OL special: its personal touch. OL seeks to provide its customers with a local feel wherever they do business. Regional employees can supply the most up-to-date information and intricate knowledge of the areas where customers wish to import or export their goods.

Alan Baer

President, OL USA

OL USA grows its business with your shipping goals in mind.


Alan’s curiosity and creative mindset, as well as his commitment to invest in people and technology, has fostered a “whiteboard philosophy,” a term he coined concerning how OL USA does business. By creating value for customers and staff through this lens, OL wishes to make a more

Transparent, Fair, and Equitable Supply Chain.

Within 2021, we’ve added over 66 new hires to our already dynamic workforce. Our commitment is to equality and diversity in the workplace.

We celebrate that our organization is 68% female and are fluent in over 17 different languages. 

With opportunities available in export, import, sales, drayage, and more, we know the right service and personnel are waiting for you. We foster a culture of growth and develop staff for long-term careers within Transportation and Logistics.

With a retention rate of 94.25%, far exceeding the industry average. Our growing family is committed to creating a positive company culture.

And Our managed network of global freight professionals stretches across 140 countries and only reinforces our commitment to creating a genuinely local experience.

OL USA streamlines global commerce with a vast array of shipping services that fit your companies needs because we grow with your business.

One Container, One Booking at a time.

OL USA is Local, Around the World

We deliver value to our customers, supply chains, team members every day.


Relationship Building

Our long-term relationships with ocean carriers and air freight handlers allow us to leverage exceptional buying power, leading to competitive rates for our clients.


Committed to the First and Last Mile

With a presence in all trade lanes and knowledgeable experts across multiple industries on 6 contients. We offer our clients a single-source experience from beginning to end.




Transparent Partnerships

It’s also important to be partners with someone you can trust and with a company that’s focused on providing the right technology and data so you can make informed decisions throughout every step of your supply chain journey.

Let us move your goods and provide last mile, white-glove door-to-door service worldwide by working with importers, exporters, and freight forwarders.

Our creative freight solutions fit any part of your global supply chain

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Licensed to Issue Own Bills of Lading


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